Unusual Fruits for Spring

Since I’ve got so much shade, I’ve been dithering for months about what kind of fruits I can grow on my city lot in addition to what I have started. I would love to have tree fruit like apricots and I did buy a plum tree last year after I read that they could be […]

Wonderberry and the Black Sun

Had my first Wonderberry today. Not dead yet, nor has it affected me in the negative way that the black nightshade berries did, by putting me in a ferocious mood. It had way less taste than a black nightshade berry, though. In fact, it was kind of like eating warm water with seeds and a […]

Three little nightshades in one: Wonderberry, Chichiquelite, and the species

I’m comparing three nightshades this year: regulation black nightshade (“the species”), Wonderberry, and Chichiquelite.

Black Nightshade – Solanum nigrum

Wonderberry – Solanum nigrum

Chichiquelite – Solanum nigrum

There are pretty clear differences between them already. The chichiquelite is obviously the preferred nosh of flea beetles. Most of those plants have holes in […]