Finally! The Witching Herbs Book is For Sale

My book has been printed, and it is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, metaphysical shops, and regular bookstores. You can get signed copies from me at my shop.

I worked on this book for years. Sometimes I gave up on the idea of ever finishing it; other times I worked like the devil to […]

Hedgesteading and Perennial Food

I’ve posted before about how different my garden is this year, since I am relying much more on perennials. It’s not that I’m not growing any annual food plants; I am, just not the way I used to. As you can see from the pics, I’m growing a number of them in pots on the […]

Witching Herbs and the Witch’s Sabbath

I’m happy to say I’ve been working steadily on my witching herbs book. I’m halfway through turning all my notes into actual chapters. Right now I am writing about vervain. I have SO MUCH information about this plant that it has been difficult to sort it all out into something useful. It was like a […]