Know Your Limits

Since taking up artwork again, I’ve been trying to focus on making images of plants traditionally used in witchcraft and magic. I’ve done a number of paintings of belladonna so far, each one an improvement over the previous, although I still need practice. I know I want to do a series of images of the […]

A Witch’s Perspective on Global Warming

Learning them talking points

Today a magic worker told me that global warming is just government propaganda. “They” want us to believe in this thing for some nefarious reason of their own. Not sure what that reason could possibly be or how such belief benefits the government or the corporations that are firstest and […]

Power and Witchcraft

I’ve continued to think about why Paul Huson’s book struck me so much. It occurs to me that the starkest difference between witchcraft in the early seventies and now is the change in the relationship between witchcraft and power. I got to thinking about what was going on at the time that Huson’s book came […]