The witch’s garden for 2012

Part of belladonna bed

I am still getting my plants ready for winter and have a bunch of pots to take inside this year. I usually avoid having indoor plants because my house is very small and I have a number of cats who are on the clumsy side. This year, though, I decided […]

Progress on the hedgestead and on the book

I have been working a different schedule which allows me not only to get out orders in a much more timely manner but to spend more time working on the witching herb book and other writing. I hope to have chapter eight done by tomorrow. I read over the previous chapter yesterday, and although when […]

Late Harvest & Spring Plans

This Thanksgiving I spent some time cleaning seeds I grew this year: gold-leaf feverfew, jasmine tobacco, wild tobacco, variegated nicandra, purple morning glory, Ocean Dawn Japanese morning glory, and wild white petunia. Unfortunately, the white petunias didn’t make many flowers this year and so I have very few seeds and will have to try again […]