Wild Lettuce Binding

I had a dream this week about wild lettuce. I do not normally dream about plants. In fact, I rarely do. Even when I have had visions about plant spirits (as opposed to the individual plants themselves), it has been when I napped, a time that I am apparently especially open to spirit […]

Belladonna and friends

Second-year belladonna

I haven’t posted because I’ve been incredibly busy both with the business (this month is one of the busiest I’ve had in 13 years, no evil eye), working on new products, and getting seeds started for the garden. Yesterday, for example, I started 100 rudbeckias for the front yard, which is going […]

The witch’s garden for 2012

Part of belladonna bed

I am still getting my plants ready for winter and have a bunch of pots to take inside this year. I usually avoid having indoor plants because my house is very small and I have a number of cats who are on the clumsy side. This year, though, I decided […]