Finally finished chapter six: vervain

I continue the slog through my book, tentatively titled “Growing the Witching Herbs.” It has taken me months, but I finally finshed chapter six, which is on vervain. I had so much information on that herb, much of it apparently dissimilar. I had to find the connecting threads, bring them to the front, and then […]

Witching Herbs and the Witch’s Sabbath

I’m happy to say I’ve been working steadily on my witching herbs book. I’m halfway through turning all my notes into actual chapters. Right now I am writing about vervain. I have SO MUCH information about this plant that it has been difficult to sort it all out into something useful. It was like a […]

Getting in the rest of the garden: angelica, cucumbers, painted daisies, pyrethrum, valerian

I spent much of today getting in most of the rest of the garden. We’re supposed to get a high of 88F/31C This morning it was only 68F/20C, but the sun quickly became intense. What ever happened to the indifferent sun of my youth? Nowadays it feels like it is penetrating to bone. I still […]