Vervain & Flying

Vervain in my garden last year

Last July I made a tincture of fresh vervain (Verbena officinalis) I grew in my garden. I intended to combine it with essential oils to make a kind of incense helper, but I never got around to it. Meanwhile, the tincture sat on my work table.

A couple […]

The witch’s garden for 2012

Part of belladonna bed

I am still getting my plants ready for winter and have a bunch of pots to take inside this year. I usually avoid having indoor plants because my house is very small and I have a number of cats who are on the clumsy side. This year, though, I decided […]

Finally finished chapter six: vervain

I continue the slog through my book, tentatively titled “Growing the Witching Herbs.” It has taken me months, but I finally finshed chapter six, which is on vervain. I had so much information on that herb, much of it apparently dissimilar. I had to find the connecting threads, bring them to the front, and then […]