Herbs gathered Midsummer and Midsummer Eve

I hope you had a great Midsummer! I celebrated with some sweet white wine infused with lemon balm–very tasty.

I had a note in my Black Book to harvest waybread (aka plantain) on Midsummer Eve for particular potency, and for once I actually remembered to harvest an herb […]

A Witch’s Garden Spring 2012

I’ve been gardening every year since the eighties, but this has got to be the best garden I’ve ever had. Everything is coming up so vigorously and lushly. These are generally perennials, plants that spend the winter below ground, holding themselves back until the days start getting longer. I’ve always done better with perennials than […]

Valerian: The Lotus of Europe?

I started some valerian seeds last year that are from a variety with the ungainly name of Arterner Zuchtung–I think I got them from Johnny’s, although they have been discontinuing many of their herb seeds and don’t have it listed now. This variety was developed in Europe for higher essential oil content and larger roots. […]