The witch’s garden for 2012

Part of belladonna bed

I am still getting my plants ready for winter and have a bunch of pots to take inside this year. I usually avoid having indoor plants because my house is very small and I have a number of cats who are on the clumsy side. This year, though, I decided […]

Progress on the hedgestead and on the book

I have been working a different schedule which allows me not only to get out orders in a much more timely manner but to spend more time working on the witching herb book and other writing. I hope to have chapter eight done by tomorrow. I read over the previous chapter yesterday, and although when […]

Harvesting toloache & other black doings

I pruned one of the toloache bushes, which are now over my head. These things are so robust; neither bug nor disease seems to touch them. Handsome plants! I wanted the pickling cukes growing next to them to get a little more sun, though. I harvested the leaves and flowers from the prunings and am […]