My New Projects: Tarot and Translation

I am no longer gardening to the extent I was for decades. The main reason is that I just didn’t have the energy as I aged to keep up with a large garden. That’s why when I moved from NY to RI two years ago, renting a place that had only a few raised beds […]

Recent Nightshade Experiences

Monday I noticed that the large nightshade that is growing up through the daturas had ripe berries on it, so I decided to try one. I picked one that looked ripe and ate it. It was surprisingly delicate in taste. I had expected it to be very musky and strong, like a black currant, or […]


During my previous run at Abramelin, the phrase that kept coming into my prayers was “Show me the path that I must go.” And I did feel that I was shown that path, in a blast of inspiration, and I set off on it. I’ve had a hard time following it, though. The three words […]