Commercial Break: Jupiter Talismans

Lately, I’ve had a lot of talismanic work. I’ve been enjoying it. Here are some practice talismans I made. For some reason, the blue is not showing up exactly right. It’s Dr. Ph. Martin’s Torquoise Bombay India Ink with Dr. Ph. Martin’s 18-Carat Gold ink highlights, using dip pens. I did these first on Bristol […]

Talismans & Salsa

I finally got the page on talismans up on the Alchemy Works site. I’ve been making them for myself for a few years now and began doing them for various individuals a while ago, but only if they brought it up (“Can you make something for me to help stop a trespasser?” for instance). I […]

Keeping track of when: calendars, gardening by the Moon, and planetary magic

Christopher Warnock’s Planetary Magic program is a nice simple doohickey for figuring out when is the most auspicious time to make a talisman ruled by a particular planet (using traditional astrology). I have found this program to be very helpful; it also has inspired me to make more talismans, because I go through and find […]