Sun Talismans

I’ve been very busy recently making products and packing and shipping orders (thanks, folks!), but I have taken some time to do some talismans. I’ve been working with magic square type talismans for a while, using Hebrew letters for the numbers. The abstraction of this kind of talisman has always appealed to me, but then […]

Flying Talisman

I’ve been doing a lot of talismans lately, and this is one of them–a flying talisman based on Kabbalah. It’s founded on the Hebrew name of the divine known as Harakh, which the three letters in orange stand for. This name has an angelic prince associated with it, Badoel, whose name is on the top […]

Commercial Break: Jupiter Talismans

Lately, I’ve had a lot of talismanic work. I’ve been enjoying it. Here are some practice talismans I made. For some reason, the blue is not showing up exactly right. It’s Dr. Ph. Martin’s Torquoise Bombay India Ink with Dr. Ph. Martin’s 18-Carat Gold ink highlights, using dip pens. I did these first on Bristol […]