What’s coming up – and going into the ground

Nicotiana rustica & N. sylvestris babies

Lots of seedlings are coming up, and some are so up that like the wild tobacco here, they are ready to begin hardening off and are spending the day on the sheltered patio (actually, for the next week, it will be warm enough to leave them out there […]

Spring busyness and Saturnian planning

Datura fastuosa and Nicotiana rustica San Juan

Holy cats, have I ever been busy! Usually Alchemy Works sees a big increase in sales in spring, and this year is no exception. I’ve got a lot of new herbs, seeds, and oils to add and barely have time to make the pages. I’ve been replacing […]

More plants in the ground & mower rant

I’ve now got jasmine tobacco (Nicotiana alata/affinis), three varieties of wild tobacco (Nicotiana rustica)–Mt. Pima, Isleta, and Domingo–and Nicandra (physalodes) Splash of Cream in the ground in my front yard. They are lining the driveway and make me feel good to look at them. I am anticipating summer, when their flowers of the tobacco plants […]