A Witch’s Garden Spring 2012

I’ve been gardening every year since the eighties, but this has got to be the best garden I’ve ever had. Everything is coming up so vigorously and lushly. These are generally perennials, plants that spend the winter below ground, holding themselves back until the days start getting longer. I’ve always done better with perennials than […]

Moving along with the book

Okay, my beard is not that long and I don’t wear a yarmulke. Or write with a quill. Still.

Congratulate me–I have finally finished the mugwort chapter of my herb book. That was like pulling teeth, but a LOT of good has come from it. I have seen a way to organize each chapter […]

The common vs. the rare: witchcraft & ceremonial magic

I was working on the mugwort chapter (still!) of my book on witching herbs when it came to me that here is this plant that’s very common that is a dream herb and thereby helps with important work in witchcraft. This made me think about whether the very commonness of this herb was indicating something, […]