Winter on the Hedgestead: Thoughts of Spring

Last November I planted a bunch of stuff in pots outside, just because I couldn’t stand to see the season end. They were all different sorts of greens, not only rainbow chard (from Johnnie’s) and some lettuce, but all kinds of Asian greens that I’d gotten from Kitazawa Seeds. They grew fabulously in the cold […]

November: Starting seeds for the witch’s garden

Helleborus foetidus

Helleborus orientalis Blue Metallic Lady

Today I received a bunch of seeds I bought from a UK place I’ve mentioned before, Plant World. I’ve ordered from them a couple times in the past and have had varying success. I like their selection of variegated this and that, like variegated borage, which […]

Mandrakes and Evil and Hubris

My mandrakes hatching plots on the patio

I enjoy getting feedback from people about plants. It’s a great way for me to learn, and I like to share other magic workers’ experiences with plants with my customers. I am always open for that sort of thing. But I hate it when people tell me […]