Mandrake Pests & Aluminum Foil

Aphids are foiled!

Mercury to the rescue! I noticed that my mandrake babies were looked a little down in the mouth, and an examination revealed a massive infestation of aphids and spider mites. Yes, it’s my fault–I’ve been ignoring them.

Washing off the leaves by holding the plant upside-down in a gentle spray of […]

Spring finally here?

Some of the smaller mandrakes potted up

It’s been a long and hard winter most places in North America, I think. Certainly a much tougher winter up here in upstate NY than I have experienced since moving here ten plus years ago. It was long, cold, and had lots of snow, but perhaps it […]

The Mandrake Project 2013, Part One

At the end of 2012, I decided that my project for 2013 would be to grow 100 mandrakes. You might ask why so many. I do enjoy growing them, but I also want to make them available as live and/or dried roots through Alchemy Works. I’ve done this in a casual way over the years, […]