Spring finally here?

Some of the smaller mandrakes potted up

It’s been a long and hard winter most places in North America, I think. Certainly a much tougher winter up here in upstate NY than I have experienced since moving here ten plus years ago. It was long, cold, and had lots of snow, but perhaps it […]

The Mandrake Project 2013, Part One

At the end of 2012, I decided that my project for 2013 would be to grow 100 mandrakes. You might ask why so many. I do enjoy growing them, but I also want to make them available as live and/or dried roots through Alchemy Works. I’ve done this in a casual way over the years, […]

Winter on the Hedgestead: Thoughts of Spring

Last November I planted a bunch of stuff in pots outside, just because I couldn’t stand to see the season end. They were all different sorts of greens, not only rainbow chard (from Johnnie’s) and some lettuce, but all kinds of Asian greens that I’d gotten from Kitazawa Seeds. They grew fabulously in the cold […]