Nutshells and Klippot/Qliphoth

One reason why I could never get into Kabbalah in the past (or perhaps I should say Qabalah, since I was then approaching it solely from the perspective of “magick”) was because of the whole symmetry thing of the Tree. It just offended my sensibilities. Symmetry just seems unnatural to me, so like industrial culture. […]

Flying Talisman

I’ve been doing a lot of talismans lately, and this is one of them–a flying talisman based on Kabbalah. It’s founded on the Hebrew name of the divine known as Harakh, which the three letters in orange stand for. This name has an angelic prince associated with it, Badoel, whose name is on the top […]

Avoiding dog crap on the spiritual path

Spirituality: ur doin it wrong

This morning on Facebook, someone whose profile is all jammed up with all kinds of stuff on spirituality and Kabbalah and mysticism posted a really nasty thing about black people being cowards and animals and how we would have lost WWII if they had been in charge. This kind […]