The Crossroads in Azoetia

I’ve been reading Azoetia regularly now and find that I can get the gist if I read a section on maybe three different occasions. The book touches upon so many topics I want to write about, but something that stood out for me right away was what Chumbley has to say about the Crossroads, which […]

Harvesting toloache & other black doings

I pruned one of the toloache bushes, which are now over my head. These things are so robust; neither bug nor disease seems to touch them. Handsome plants! I wanted the pickling cukes growing next to them to get a little more sun, though. I harvested the leaves and flowers from the prunings and am […]

Hekate in the garden & the kitchen

I’m very fond of garlic and planted about five hardneck varieties last fall in my neighbor’s plot (the variety New York White performed best, which I guess is to be expected in NY, lol!). This summer, I harvested them. I chose the largest 24 heads of garlic to try a pickle recipe on. I decided […]