Winter on the Hedgestead: Thoughts of Spring

Last November I planted a bunch of stuff in pots outside, just because I couldn’t stand to see the season end. They were all different sorts of greens, not only rainbow chard (from Johnnie’s) and some lettuce, but all kinds of Asian greens that I’d gotten from Kitazawa Seeds. They grew fabulously in the cold […]

Speak of the Devil…

I'm in NY right above the A in AM

Accuweather is forecasting possible tornadoes for my area tomorrow morning because I just bought $200 worth of food, lol! (I’m freezing some blueberries and raspberries as I type.) The hedgestead is a BIT more prepared for a power outage than last time. I received the […]

Hedgestead Planning and Mars in a Jar

It’s been extremely busy around the hedgestead. Lots of seeds germinating, plants that need potting up, seeds to plant in the ground and in trays, tilling, making paths, and sitting in the rays coming from this big yellow thing that appears in the sky every once in a while (spring means rain here). Orders are […]