The book: stuck on mugwort

NOT Our Mugwort

Sometimes–a lot of times–writing is just a slog. It’s like double digging a garden bed (an activity I avoid, having done it one season and that was enough for a lifetime). For instance, on this chapter on mugwort, which, yes, I am still working on, I found that some of the […]

Finally finished chapter six: vervain

I continue the slog through my book, tentatively titled “Growing the Witching Herbs.” It has taken me months, but I finally finshed chapter six, which is on vervain. I had so much information on that herb, much of it apparently dissimilar. I had to find the connecting threads, bring them to the front, and then […]

Writing Chapter Six: Vervain. Still.

I’m still working on chapter six of the book, the chapter on vervain. I did manage to bring order to it, but even so I could not find the way to say what I wanted to say about the various parts and the whole they form. It is one thing to see the connections between, […]