Vervain & Flying

Vervain in my garden last year

Last July I made a tincture of fresh vervain (Verbena officinalis) I grew in my garden. I intended to combine it with essential oils to make a kind of incense helper, but I never got around to it. Meanwhile, the tincture sat on my work table.

A couple […]

Flying Talisman

I’ve been doing a lot of talismans lately, and this is one of them–a flying talisman based on Kabbalah. It’s founded on the Hebrew name of the divine known as Harakh, which the three letters in orange stand for. This name has an angelic prince associated with it, Badoel, whose name is on the top […]

Lecouteux’s Witches, Werewolves, and Fairies

After my dream featuring an enraged werewolf who was a witch and also myself, I thought I should learn more about werewolves. The only serious bit I knew about them stemmed from Carlo Ginzburg’s work, which mentioned in particular a 17th-century Livonian named Thiess, who described himself as a werewolf and who with others fought […]