Finally! Or Azoetia and Moths

I finally received my copy of Azoetia by Andrew Chumbley a few days ago. For those not familiar with it, its subtitle is “A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft,” and its produced by the Cultus Sabbati, a group of practitioners of magic. I was first drawn to them because of the deep knowledge of plants […]

Spirit Helper in the Form of a Machine Returns

Spirit Vehicle

Last night the spirit vehicle that has appeared in my dreams as a strange sort of black and silver electric bicycle returned as a black and steel locomotive. In this dream, I was being pursued by people who meant me ill (as usual!) and for some reason I ended up at my […]

The Black Toad: Familiar and Prima Materia

In the middle of my black nightshade experience, I went up to the woods to escape from the heat. I took a path I’ve taken before, one walked by many. During my walk, I noticed a couple of things besides a lot of self-heal: toadstools and toad. There were two stands of toadstools. I have […]