The Crossroads in Azoetia

I’ve been reading Azoetia regularly now and find that I can get the gist if I read a section on maybe three different occasions. The book touches upon so many topics I want to write about, but something that stood out for me right away was what Chumbley has to say about the Crossroads, which […]

The June Garden

Variegated woodland nightshade

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been working on orders and trying to get the garden sorted out, but I hope to remedy that. I got most of the rest of the seedlings potted up this past week, but I still have much to do, including seeding all the bush beans […]

Clary Sage Dreamwork

Thanks to a comment by Sara, I decided to dig out the clary sage tincture I made last year and do some experimenting with it. I tinctured the flowering tops in 95% alcohol. It was quite green for a month or so after I made it, but gradually it turned amber. Clary sage is known […]