Dream Banquet

Yesterday evening I was tooling around the internet looking at Baroque-style violin bows. I was thinking it would be fun to have such a bow, since they are supposedly better for playing folk tunes than a Classical bow. I like the shape, too, kind of like an old-fashioned ice skate, as opposed to the chopped-off […]

Imagery of the Spirit Helper as a Machine

Dream bus going who knows where

A recurring trope in my dreams throughout my life has been entering a vehicle to take me home, only to find that it’s got problems. If it’s a bus, I don’t know how much the fare is going to cost me, what the schedule is, or exactly where […]

Werewolves: Notorious for Their Bad Housekeeping

Last night I had a dream like a fairytale (a modern one). From deep within a forest, I saw two people, a young man and woman, walking up a dirt road that narrowed to a path leading uphill. Partway up the hill was a small clearing where some trees had been cut down long ago. […]