Spring 2018

I got a late start on my seeds this year because I’ve been busy painting. But I do have black nightshade (or as I have referred to it in the past, The Black Toad) and black henbane sticking their heads up, plus a couple vervain (I’ve been out of vervain seeds for a bit and […]

Getting in the rest of the garden: angelica, cucumbers, painted daisies, pyrethrum, valerian

I spent much of today getting in most of the rest of the garden. We’re supposed to get a high of 88F/31C This morning it was only 68F/20C, but the sun quickly became intense. What ever happened to the indifferent sun of my youth? Nowadays it feels like it is penetrating to bone. I still […]

Got my priorities straight this year: planting daturas and nightshades

Last year I was screwing around with so many veggies and distracting myself in various ways until it got too late to plant datura. This year I’ve got the daturas in the ground already. I started (warning, nomenclature problems ahead):

Datura bernhardii, which as I remember is like a stramonium but smaller, the flowers are […]