A dream of a black dog

Last night I had a short, frightening dream that I could use help interpreting. I dreamed I was walking down a side road in some town, apparently in the South, because the sides of the road were sand. There were various small tin trailers (like Airstreams) and tiny little houses painted aqua and other fifties […]

Recent Nightshade Experiences

Monday I noticed that the large nightshade that is growing up through the daturas had ripe berries on it, so I decided to try one. I picked one that looked ripe and ate it. It was surprisingly delicate in taste. I had expected it to be very musky and strong, like a black currant, or […]

Nightshade Ruminations

The prevalence of black nightshade (Solanum nigrum) might well be a message to those of us trying to prepare for social disruption: know your environment and depend on it instead of on “imported” stuff. […]