Unusual Fruits for Spring

Since I’ve got so much shade, I’ve been dithering for months about what kind of fruits I can grow on my city lot in addition to what I have started. I would love to have tree fruit like apricots and I did buy a plum tree last year after I read that they could be […]

Harvesting toloache & other black doings

I pruned one of the toloache bushes, which are now over my head. These things are so robust; neither bug nor disease seems to touch them. Handsome plants! I wanted the pickling cukes growing next to them to get a little more sun, though. I harvested the leaves and flowers from the prunings and am […]

Three little nightshades in one: Wonderberry, Chichiquelite, and the species

I’m comparing three nightshades this year: regulation black nightshade (“the species”), Wonderberry, and Chichiquelite.

Black Nightshade – Solanum nigrum

Wonderberry – Solanum nigrum

Chichiquelite – Solanum nigrum

There are pretty clear differences between them already. The chichiquelite is obviously the preferred nosh of flea beetles. Most of those plants have holes in […]