The June Garden

Variegated woodland nightshade

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been working on orders and trying to get the garden sorted out, but I hope to remedy that. I got most of the rest of the seedlings potted up this past week, but I still have much to do, including seeding all the bush beans […]

Crazy weather & garden casualties

Wild white petunia rising from the mud. Never thought petunias could be so resilient.

We had another torrential downpour last night with a great deal of lightning. It felt strange that I had spoken to a friend in Chicago yesterday afternoon when that very same storm was kicking them around. It turned up here […]

Nightshades in the garden today: black nightshade, wild tobacco, jasmine tobacco, peppers, and wild petunias

Datura outpacing black nightshade

After taking some time to think it over, I went out today and began uprooting black nightshade plants that had grown in places other than where I planted them. For one thing, I don’t want it taking over my entire yard. I have a lot of other herbs out there, […]