Some unexpected successes: Black Nightshade and Belladonna

This spring I set out 25 black nightshade seedlings to get a good start on my Black Toad experiment this year (still trying to figure out what this plant wants from me–and/or exactly what it wants to teach me). I added some soy meal and some lime to the soil as fertilizers and put in […]

Speak of the Devil…

I'm in NY right above the A in AM

Accuweather is forecasting possible tornadoes for my area tomorrow morning because I just bought $200 worth of food, lol! (I’m freezing some blueberries and raspberries as I type.) The hedgestead is a BIT more prepared for a power outage than last time. I received the […]

Hedgesteading and Perennial Food

I’ve posted before about how different my garden is this year, since I am relying much more on perennials. It’s not that I’m not growing any annual food plants; I am, just not the way I used to. As you can see from the pics, I’m growing a number of them in pots on the […]