Some unexpected successes: Black Nightshade and Belladonna

This spring I set out 25 black nightshade seedlings to get a good start on my Black Toad experiment this year (still trying to figure out what this plant wants from me–and/or exactly what it wants to teach me). I added some soy meal and some lime to the soil as fertilizers and put in […]

A Witch’s Garden Spring 2012

I’ve been gardening every year since the eighties, but this has got to be the best garden I’ve ever had. Everything is coming up so vigorously and lushly. These are generally perennials, plants that spend the winter below ground, holding themselves back until the days start getting longer. I’ve always done better with perennials than […]

The witch’s garden for 2012

Part of belladonna bed

I am still getting my plants ready for winter and have a bunch of pots to take inside this year. I usually avoid having indoor plants because my house is very small and I have a number of cats who are on the clumsy side. This year, though, I decided […]