Moving along…

I was ill for a couple weeks in December. I pretty much never get sick, no evil eye, so it was quite something for me not to be able to work for weeks. I am almost fully recovered now and back to work on orders, art, and magic. I made a resolution for 2014: I […]

Belladonna and friends

Second-year belladonna

I haven’t posted because I’ve been incredibly busy both with the business (this month is one of the busiest I’ve had in 13 years, no evil eye), working on new products, and getting seeds started for the garden. Yesterday, for example, I started 100 rudbeckias for the front yard, which is going […]

Some unexpected successes: Black Nightshade and Belladonna

This spring I set out 25 black nightshade seedlings to get a good start on my Black Toad experiment this year (still trying to figure out what this plant wants from me–and/or exactly what it wants to teach me). I added some soy meal and some lime to the soil as fertilizers and put in […]