Avoiding dog crap on the spiritual path

Spirituality: ur doin it wrong

This morning on Facebook, someone whose profile is all jammed up with all kinds of stuff on spirituality and Kabbalah and mysticism posted a really nasty thing about black people being cowards and animals and how we would have lost WWII if they had been in charge. This kind […]

Eleazar of Worms, and night blooming plants

I used the timer on my digital camera to take this pic of me studying

Studying for an hour a day was part of Abramelin. Even though I have discontinued the operation (more about that in another post), I’ve been trying to continue the studying. I’ve been reading the second volume in Joseph Dan’s […]

Abramelin Strength, Datura Guidance

Abramelin continues to bring me various benefits. One of the things I haven’t blogged about is a great improvement in my health. I was bumping along with diabetes and not doing anything about it for quite a while there. I thought my fatigue was due to getting older. When I finally got myself a blood […]