Ongoing & Future Projects

My eyes sure hurt

Last week I spent three days working 10-12 hours a day finishing up the illustrations for my book, The Witching Herbs, which is supposed to come out from Weiser this year. I was pleased with the way these line drawings turned out, although as is often the case for me, […]

Moving along with the book

Okay, my beard is not that long and I don’t wear a yarmulke. Or write with a quill. Still.

Congratulate me–I have finally finished the mugwort chapter of my herb book. That was like pulling teeth, but a LOT of good has come from it. I have seen a way to organize each chapter […]

The book: stuck on mugwort

NOT Our Mugwort

Sometimes–a lot of times–writing is just a slog. It’s like double digging a garden bed (an activity I avoid, having done it one season and that was enough for a lifetime). For instance, on this chapter on mugwort, which, yes, I am still working on, I found that some of the […]