Hedgestead Planning and Mars in a Jar

It’s been extremely busy around the hedgestead. Lots of seeds germinating, plants that need potting up, seeds to plant in the ground and in trays, tilling, making paths, and sitting in the rays coming from this big yellow thing that appears in the sky every once in a while (spring means rain here). Orders are […]

A time to sow

The only voter who is actually counted

It’s spring,and I should be feeling hopeful, but instead I’m feeling disgusted. We’re awash in sickening news. Seven million times the legal limit of radiation has been found in the ocean off Japan, and some Welsh “green” says that nuclear power is so like not dangerous compared […]

Urban Homestead: Just say no to the Path To Profit Corporation

The Dervaes family has made a career out of staying home and growing a lot of food on their city lot, apparently not just so they can eat it but so the pater familias can flog himself as speaker and leader and teacher and guru and whatnot on the topic of urban homesteading. Dervaes hasn’t […]