Winter Preserving

This summer I never got anywhere near as many preserves done as I had hoped. It was just too hot, for one thing, and for another, I had too much to do. And I always bite off way more than I can chew. It’s like a personal rule. But my canning plan extended through February […]

Hearts of Venus: Cherries

A friend came to visit from out of town this past week, and we went up to Geneva, NY, a cute little town at the end of Seneca Lake, and while there visited a nice orchard that uses Integrated Pest Management. I was hoping to find strawberries at a good price, since this is the […]

Secrets of the Pickler’s Arte, or Any Friend of Saturn is a Friend of Mine

IMO, pickles are a Saturnian food. Saturn’s energy (if I can even use that word in a magical context anymore without being tarred by the ubiquitous “New Age!” charge) is characterized as drying and contracting, and with pickles that’s just what you want–for the salt and/or vinegar to pull out the veggie’s lifeblood and turn […]