A good day to harvest herbs

I’ve got a bunch of herbs that are almost ready to go out into the two raised beds I have to work with this year. Twelve of them are transplants that I bought from Mountain Valley Growers–clary sage, dittany of Crete, rosemary, rue, and black sage–but more are plants I started from seeds I started […]

What a gift!

Last year I bought a bunch of tropical plants to grow indoors because another tenant made it very uncomfortable to plant in the raised beds we’re allotted here. I got jasmines, stephanotis, and some hoyas, a tropical vine that produces bunches of tiny, very sweet-smelling flowers. I have a special place in my heart for […]

Spring 2018

I got a late start on my seeds this year because I’ve been busy painting. But I do have black nightshade (or as I have referred to it in the past, The Black Toad) and black henbane sticking their heads up, plus a couple vervain (I’ve been out of vervain seeds for a bit and […]