The Dictionary Does Not Define Us

Typical evil witch doing evil witch things

Recently I heard someone say that witches are people who do evil magic, work with the dead, and that in most if not all cultures, a witch is someone who does bad things. This was not said as a way of insulting witches. No, it was intended […]

Stuff of a Saturnian Nature: Rant Ahead

A bit ago I began a project to put a fence up on the east side of my back yard because my neighbor’s dog(s) kept getting out and smashing my plants. That side of my yard has a lot of old, dead lilacs that come out like rotten teeth, with a bit of wrenching, leaving […]

“Dervaes is a grade-A kook”: Or more on urban homesteading

Some of the back garden

Facebook decided to remove the above remark from a comment I made about Jules Dervaes on someone else’s post some time back. Facebook said it violated their community standards–apparently, Dervaes or one of his minions complained about his holy name being taken in vain. It doesn’t violate the standards […]