Illustrations and Planting

Today I got to work on the illustrations for my herbal witchcraft book. Does it ever feel great! The first chapter is on poppy, so I started there. I did sketches of a bud, a pod, a seedling, and a flower. I’m going to start the paintings based on them tomorrow and do some more […]

Henbane Moon: Art & Magic

First version of Henbane Moon

I’ve been working on a painting I’m calling Henbane Moon, since it features a branch of henbane with some dried pods on it. It’s based on a photo I took of some of my henbane in the summer of 2013, but I’ve modified it quite a bit, because for […]

Moving along…

I was ill for a couple weeks in December. I pretty much never get sick, no evil eye, so it was quite something for me not to be able to work for weeks. I am almost fully recovered now and back to work on orders, art, and magic. I made a resolution for 2014: I […]