A good day to harvest herbs

I’ve got a bunch of herbs that are almost ready to go out into the two raised beds I have to work with this year. Twelve of them are transplants that I bought from Mountain Valley Growers–clary sage, dittany of Crete, rosemary, rue, and black sage–but more are plants I started from seeds I started the second time around: sacred datura, black henbane, pallid henbane, white henbane, wild white petunia (seeds were not dead after all!), basil, and bits and bobs of other stuff that came up. It has been a slow start for me this year, since my initial tray of seeds mostly rotted from soap somehow getting into the tray.

This morning is cool and sunny, such a wonderful change from the past couple of really muggy days. I got out in the back and harvested a bunch of mugwort and some tansy that had volunteered in my beds. This is not the best time to harvest them–I should have waited until they were in bloom–but the mugwort especially was doing its usual thing of taking over the world. These are drying now in my dehydrator, along with a couple of very tiny mandrake roots. I have a couple of projects planned for those little guys. I love the smell of tansy.

Yesterday I began researching how to dye wool and silk with mugwort and other witching herbs. Looks like it’s possible to get a green from mugwort with alum and copper mordants. I’ve got my eye on some wool/silk yarn to make a cingulum from. I’d like to see what henbane is capable of in terms of dyeing as well. I’ll post more on this as I get more info. Hope to be doing some testing with mugwort in a week or so.

Going to be working on and hopefully finishing the next mug today, Sacred Datura. I already managed to finish an oil painting I’ve been working on. “The Ancients.”

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