What a gift!

Last year I bought a bunch of tropical plants to grow indoors because another tenant made it very uncomfortable to plant in the raised beds we’re allotted here. I got jasmines, stephanotis, and some hoyas, a tropical vine that produces bunches of tiny, very sweet-smelling flowers. I have a special place in my heart for hoyas, as the very first plant I ever grew, given to me by my fifth-grade teacher, was a hoya, but I haven’t grown any for years and years, always so taken up by my outdoor garden that I had no indoor plants at all.

One of the hoyas I bought for its very wonderful variegated little leaves – Hoya khoniana “Eskimo.” It’s a kind of miniature plant with speckled leaves. I put it on top of a bookshelf next to my reading chair where it would get sufficient light and I could regularly admire its leaves. It has been very happy there, producing a couple of pretty long vines.

The other night I was sitting there reading and kept smelling something sweet. I thought it was something outside, although that window is not near any plants, just a bare alley. But this morning I checked, and the hoya has tiny little bunches of flowers that give off a strong, sweet smell. Such joy! I am so glad I got these plants.

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