It’s a crazily windy and rainy evening, so I decided it was a good time to make use of some of my vervain tincture. I made this a few years ago from my own fresh vervain and some 95% grain alcohol (Everclear). Since then I’ve used it only a few times, generally just rubbing some on my hands before bed. In that case, sometimes it worked and I had very interesting prophetic dreams, and other times it did nothing. I didn’t use it much.

Then a couple weeks ago I said to heck with it and drank a thimbleful before bed. I had a very strong dream, but I still don’t know if it meant anything or not. See what you think:

It was unusually vivid. As is typical for my dreams, it started in the middle of things and I had no idea how I got there or who I was in that place. I came out of a somewhat old white house into a deeply snowy yard behind another house. This was similar to a place I once lived but not the same place, and in that place there had not been a house like the one I’d come out of. The snow was quite deep, to the point where it seemed a little threatening, especially since there were absolutely no tracks in it. I wondered how long it had been since it had fallen and how long I’d been in the house I’d come out of and why I had been there. Was it my house? I wasn’t sure it was even habitable. I looked at it and said to myself, no, that is not my house and I don’t know why I was there. It seemed a bit decrepit, maybe even abandoned.

The sky was grey with solid clouds that reminded me of a phrase I once read in a story comparing winter clouds to dirty wadding. I looked around and all the trees were covered with ice. And I mean way more than from an ice storm. They were encased in tons of solid ice from top to ground that spread even farther than the tips of the outermost branches. And it was old, worn, dirty ice, discolored and misshapen. This made me feel even more uneasy about the location.

I walked forward in the snow, not sure where to go, and saw that the tree behind me had a long ice-encased branch extending from it seemingly in my direction. I thought, “No, don’t worry about that,” but when I turned again to look at it, it had gotten longer and reminded me of the arm of a polar bear. It seemed to be aiming to swat me, so I moved quickly out of its way even as I assured myself that ice-bound trees don’t swat people and anyway probably the branch had already extended that far and I was mistaken. But I knew I was not mistaken and that the tree was threatening me–for no reason I could understand.

I moved faster away from the tree as I realized that they could all come crashing down from the weight of the ice and I didn’t want to be there when that happened.

And woke up.

Not much in terms of prophetic, that’s for sure. Not sure what the dream meant or how much of it was due to vervain. But it certainly was a very vivid dream. Tons of very strong detail on all levels–the sound of the snow, the dim light, the cold (although I was dressed warmly), the feel of the fluffy snow as I walked in it, the smell of the house I’d come out of (kind of like rotting damp wood). This is way more detail than my dreams typically have. And the rotten ice was definitely something I have never dreamed of before. In fact, I don’t think I have ever dreamed of ice at all.

Anyway, tonight I decided to try a lot more vervain tincture–an ounce. I mixed it with some wonderful summer honey and some water to make it drinkable. And I am sipping on it. I hope I don’t have another ice dream but instead something a bit more interesting–and less threatening.

I do feel that vervain is a very underestimated witchcraft plant. It’s one I’ve grown several times in order to harvest the seeds and just get to know it. I love the shiny leaves that resemble oak leaves. I can see why the Druids might have prized this plant simply for those leaves, but from what I have read, they appreciated its oneiric properties as well. So I guess tonight I will find out. It’s a pretty much non-noxious herb, so I am not concerned about bad effects. In some ways it reminds me of clary sage–a very overlooked herb with few medicinal uses that nevertheless has great magical potential.

Have you ever used vervain for magical purposes, especially through ingestion?


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  • herbalwitchcraft

    I did not experience any particularly important dreams that night. I had dreams, but they were the ordinary type. I did feel kind of sick and slept very poorly, spending much of the night awake. I’m not sure if this was from the tincture or from a late cup of coffee. However, I did decide that I would try it again in a week’s time, this time using it as a lotion. So I will report back then.

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