New setup

I ordered an 8ft, wheeled shelving unit to put in the corner of my apartment where there’s the most light. This I intended to use for plants. I finally put it together this weekend.

Bought a real nice grow-light setup  too, an Agrobright 4-ft fixture with high intensity fluorescent bulbs. I just don’t like the color of the light of the LEDs and I am used to the fluorescents for starting seeds and growing mandrakes and henbane through the winter. This fixture seems pretty sturdy, but I must note that although it comes with bulbs (which all survived intact), the hangers are insufficient. You really need chains and s-hooks to attach to the hangers so you can raise and lower the fixture. It’s pretty heavy. I think it will be great for mandrakes (the babies and some seeds are under it now).

The plants are all doing great except for the lavender, which kicked the bucket for some reason. The stephanotis has really taken off, going from not much more than a stump to a blooming vine more than 6 ft long. The two jasmines have bloomed, and so has the violet. I really love the thick, round leaves on the Hoya obovata. The two larger plants on the lowest shelf are patchouli and Passiflora alata Ruby Glow.

I think I need more plants.

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