Tasmianian violet, jasmine, and stephanotis

I bought several tropical plants a few months ago. One of them is stephanotis, a plant which has fascinated me for years on account of its scent. But I had heard it could take years to bloom (ten years from seed). I decided to go ahead and get a plant from Kartuz Greenhouse. I think I saw that it would bloom in three years.

Well, it’s getting ready to bloom now! I have been watering my collection of plants in the corner of my apartment but haven’t been doing much else with them. They seriously needed potting up, so yesterday I finally did that. That’s when I discovered that not only had the stephanotis made a very long vine, but it has a bunch of buds. ┬áSo looking forward to this! I’m still looking for folklore about this plant. I know about its association with weddings (a classic bridal bouquet plant), but I think it’s got more to it than that. It’s a member of the Dogbane family, although it is not toxic to cats (I was careful to choose non-toxic plants for my indoor garden). The fact that it is typically slow to bloom and has small flowers points to a Saturnian influence, but I need to do a lot more digging before I get anywhere with its possible magical properties.

The other plants I have inside are also doing well. I potted up the three baby mandrakes, patchouli, some fancy version of lavander, good old basil, Italian yellow jasmine, and some hoyas. I made quite a mess, but they should do well in their new homes. This weekend a friend will be helping me put up shelves so that this winter I can have a “conservatory” in the corner of my apartment.

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