Sun Talismans

I’ve been very busy recently making products and packing and shipping orders (thanks, folks!), but I have taken some time to do some talismans. I’ve been working with magic square type talismans for a while, using Hebrew letters for the numbers. The abstraction of this kind of talisman has always appealed to me, but then I had the idea of imposing a magic square on some kind of image. Like what about reshaping a magic square to fit, say, a crescent for a Moon talisman? But I didn’t go any farther with it on account of being so busy.

Then I found that the morning of 3/25 will be an excellent time astrologically for a Sun talisman. I looked at some of the Kabbalistic talismans I have info for (I’ve been making my own designs for those) but decided to stick with the Agrippan magic square type instead and see what I could do about reforming it. At first I thought I’d just make it circular, that being the symbol of the Sun, but me being me, I had to make it more complicated than that–I had to make it the circle at the center of a sunflower, which is an excellent Sun plant. And it still had to read correctly as a magic square, no matter what shape it was, because the way the numbers add up is an essential part of the talisman’s magic. Then I thought, well, what about using the entire sunflower instead of just the center? Use the petals. This is what I came up with. I’ve got to diddle around with it a bit more, but this is the basic design. I want to use my 18 carat gold ink for the letters, but the petals I would like to do in color, like maybe yellow, orange, red, something along those lines–Fire/Sun colors. I’ve enjoyed designing this one and now feel more confident about coming up with some designs for the other planets.

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  • jonquil

    There’s a lot of movement in the Sunflower. Looking forward to seeing it in color.

  • Sean

    Harry, hope all is well!

    Quick question… with your talismans… you do seem to work with these more than anyone else I’ve seen… what’s your verification method for them? Have you tried various things and find something particularly effective?



  • Alchemist in Charge

    I get good feedback from customers about the talismans I make, whether they are traditional ones like this, the Kabbalistic ones where I’m creating the design but the text is traditional, and the talismans I create from scratch. I’ve also made some talismans for myself and have found them to be effective.

    I usually use a combination of Hebrew letters and/or snippets from the Hebrew Bible and planetary correspondences (colors, metals, days, astrology). I like working with stuff from the Hebrew Bible because it’s traditional for my background, it’s part of Jewish magic, it’s been done quite a bit in Western ceremonial type magic, and it’s a part of Hoodoo as well.

    I have worked with planetary correspondences a lot because that’s how I approach plants. I’ve found that to be handy in different kinds of magic. I use planetary influences to codify for myself various tasks that talismans might be used for, so even if I am doing a Kabbalistic talisman, I think about which planetary energy it would fall under and use that for the colors. I also try to use astrologically advantageous times rather than planetary hours/days. And I pay attention to Moon phase.

    This combination of Hebrew magic and planetary/astrological stuff seems to work best for me. It feels traditional without being overly rigid, IMO.

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