Finally finished chapter six: vervain

I continue the slog through my book, tentatively titled “Growing the Witching Herbs.” It has taken me months, but I finally finshed chapter six, which is on vervain. I had so much information on that herb, much of it apparently dissimilar. I had to find the connecting threads, bring them to the front, and then rearrange the whole thing about ten jillion times before it made sense. It is so remarkable how a plant can be grown in so many different cultures and yet find such similar connections. I have a couple points to check up in the library at Cornell, but this chapter is DONE.

So much talk about vervain made me long for summer, when my own vervain (and a lot of other herbs) will be mature (I started vervain last year). But hey, I’ve been longing for warm weather anyhow, because I want to get out there in the garden again.

Meanwhile, it is on to mugwort, one of my favorite herbs. Seven more chapters to go. Β Then write the introduction. Go over everything a couple times. And then submit to publishers. Then start the next one!

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