Finally finished chapter six: vervain

I continue the slog through my book, tentatively titled “Growing the Witching Herbs.” It has taken me months, but I finally finshed chapter six, which is on vervain. I had so much information on that herb, much of it apparently dissimilar. I had to find the connecting threads, bring them to the front, and then rearrange the whole thing about ten jillion times before it made sense. It is so remarkable how a plant can be grown in so many different cultures and yet find such similar connections. I have a couple points to check up in the library at Cornell, but this chapter is DONE.

So much talk about vervain made me long for summer, when my own vervain (and a lot of other herbs) will be mature (I started vervain last year). But hey, I’ve been longing for warm weather anyhow, because I want to get out there in the garden again.

Meanwhile, it is on to mugwort, one of my favorite herbs. Seven more chapters to go. Β Then write the introduction. Go over everything a couple times. And then submit to publishers. Then start the next one!

12 comments to Finally finished chapter six: vervain

  • petoskystone

    ‘then start the next one’ πŸ˜‰

  • Trevor John Anderson

    I’m very excited to purchase and read your book!
    Keep at it! :~)

  • I’m trying my best not to drool in anticipation!

  • Geoffrey Gilbert

    Can’t wait to buy and read “The Witching Herbs” Harry!I know it’ll be great!-Geoff

  • herba15

    Thanks, all! I feel real charged up about moving on now.

  • Irma

    I also can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  • I can’t wait to read your book in general, but I’m especially looking forward to these chapters. I found a stand of native blue vervain (verbena lasiostachys)while hiking today & was reminded of its power. This vervain seemed a little bit softer, gentler, more feminine than V. Hastata, but still with that intense storminess & bitter taste that I have grown to be so fond of. Glad to have found your blog!

  • Ali

    Oh wow, that will be one to keep an eye out for! Who’s publishing it, do you know? Will it be available over here in the UK? I am always glad of the opportunity to add more books to my already groaning bookshelves… πŸ˜€

  • Oh my! Not to add any more pressure…when oh when should I begin to look for this book! Vervain….oh Vervain. And, may I add that your sidebar widget with books you recommend isn’t helping my book situation.. at….all. But I thank you from the bottomless depths of my herb- book-loving heart.

  • Oh, I just started the vervain seeds I bought from you and have gotten my first sprouts! I’ve never grown it before and I’m looking forward to getting to know it and seeing how it will blend with the rest of my garden. I love reading your updates, especially about your book and I look forward to buying a copy whenever it’s released.

  • Jess Bundy

    Aw wow how’s the book coming on? Is it ready yet? I have just started a Village Witch Apprenticeship and loved your Alchemy-works Growing a Witch’s Garden article and blog. I will be getting an allotment hopefully in the new year 2012 we have been waiting nearly 4 years now from a waiting list of 172 and now we’re 12 on the list. This little plot will most definately be a space of love and magical growth. With blessings from The Little Jay Way πŸ™‚

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