Weredog posing as werewolf

Wannabe Werewolf

Last night I dreamed I was in the kitchen, in my pajamas, in the dark, walking towards the back door for some reason. And as I did, I heard someone opening the storm door. In the dream, I wondered if this was why I had gotten up in the first place–that I had heard something by the back door. The storm door makes a distinctive sound. I opened the door to see who it was, but it was pitch dark out there. The storm door was open, but I thought it might have just come unlatched. Then I saw something perhaps more solid than the dark holding the storm door open and thought, I better put the light on, because I won’t see otherwise. I realized I didn’t have my glasses on so it was going to be hard to make anything out, but I assured myself that there was nothing there anyhow. I was turning to reach for the switch when the thing holding open the storm door started to come into the house. I could see in the light from the streetlight that it was a canine creature, maybe seven feet tall and very solid, standing on its hind legs. It had brown  and black fur that was quite coarse and a very large head somewhat like a German shepherd’s, but heavier. I could feel the fur on its chest very distinctly as it tried to push its way into the house. I said something like, “Hey, wait,” but it had no intention of stopping.  It meant to barge into my house. I didn’t know what its purpose was in doing so, but it made me mad, not least of all because I was concerned that the cats would get out of the house with the door open like that. Then I realized they would not go anywhere near that thing, that they were hiding in the living room already in fear of it, and I shoved it out. It retreated into the dark and left in a sullen manner, cutting across Old Man Sevin’s back yard, heading southwest.  I was surprised how relatively easy it was to get rid of it. I woke up immediately, jolted to find myself in my bed instead of by the back door. The cats were not in the living room with me, which is unusual. I didn’t get up to see where they were or check the kitchen door, because I could tell by the temperature and the stillness of the air that it was shut, and if the cats were scared, they would be okay and filter back in later.  It was around four o’clock. I went back to sleep, satisfied that I had fairly easily kept that thing out.

It was similar to my previous werewolf dream in that it was a powerful canine creature, but it was dissimilar in a number of ways. It was more of a weredog than a werewolf.  Sounds kind of funny, but there ya go. It didn’t have the huge shoulders of the werewolf; its shoulders were narrow, like a real dog’s.  The werewolf in my previous dream was grey and shaggy. This guy was mostly brown with black areas and its fur was flat and coarse. The grey werewolf was wearing clothing. This guy wasn’t. It didn’t resemble any local dogs I know in real life. In the dream, I knew it wasn’t a real dog, although I felt it often took the shape it was in. It had great solidity and weight, but it was nowhere near as big as the grey werewolf. I could feel the heat of its body when I pushed against it. It didn’t growl or roar like the grey werewolf. It was silent and didn’t even really look at me, but it meant me ill in some way. Its facial expression was stern and disapproving. I wasn’t terrified of it. I felt caution and then anger that it was there and that it was trying to get into my house. I’m not sure if this dream is in any way linked to the werewolf dream. It was striking because of its very vivid sensations and because it took place in the “real” world rather than in the dream world I usually envision.

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  • Well, you truly repeled something. Given that you keep having experiences centered upon canine otherworldly creatures, obviously something to explore further. (Not that you needed <i)me to tell you that!)

    Assuming you share, I’ll be interested to see where these experiences lead you.

  • I find that when I get things like that – ill wishers who barge in, but are repelled by very little effort – it’s my own doing. I’ve touched wires with someone, somewhere, and made them aware of me. Generally, they’re coming to check out just who the hell plucked their web.

    They tend to come in “power-forms”, big, impressive, glamoury (or fetch-forms). Which often (sad as it is to say), is somewhat lesser and necessarily more domestic than the genuine articles.

    I.e. You may have touched someones wires, and they put on their war-paint to go “straighten out” this invader, expecting guts and glory and viscera… only to realize they just ambled into someone’s living-room while they were snoozing, and may or may not have just witnessed honest-to-goodness Pajamas and bunny slippers. Like anyone keyed for a fight, they kinda skulk off when they get all that righteous wind knocked out of them.

    • herba15

      This makes sense. I kind of had the feeling it was another practitioner. Not that I recognized him. Just a feeling. Or maybe because it didn’t feel like a god or even a spirit.

      Yes, I am great scary witch in my plaid flannel pjs.:)

  • I’ve been recording my dreams since 1990. I’ve been doing research on the subject & I came across Artemidorus of Daldis & got his book. He was a Greek who apparently got paid to interpret dreams, etc. very interesting stuff & he amassed some impressive data. Anyway, it’s food 4 thought. His ideas bring up 2 things: 1) either the dog-wolf creature was about false wishes u have that will go unfulfilled or 2) it’s a warning someone will try to harm your reputation/house/self. I’d do some protection. When I have dreams that vivid, it’s 100% certain to happen to me. Intuitively, I get a strong feeling this creature is a clear indication of something. U would know how to interpret it better than me or anyone else of course. Just my thoughts. Dreams intrigue me 4 sure. Wolves/dogs attack out in the open, so it could indicate something not nice, though u did rid yourself of it. I cant remember dreaming of wolves before actually.

    • herba15

      I will check out that book, and I will definitely do a bit of protection. I did that recently because of doing work for someone whom I felt was having very pestiferous beings sicced on her, and I felt they were splashing on me. It seemed to work. I didn’t feel like this critter was one of those at all.

  • petoskystone

    perhaps it was the worker who sicced beings on your client, come to check out the one who blocked thier working. interesting.

  • The book is called Oneirocritica-The Interpretation of Dreams by Artemidorus. I had to buy it on amazon I think, a scholar Robert J. White translated it.

  • This is so interesting to me because I’ve never talked about this from the dream point of view before. But if someone has malevolent or trickster type beings sicced on them, don’t they eventually end back up with the person who initiated the attack? What are your thoughts on that? I definitely think there is such a thing as dream fragments. Maybe this wolf-dog creature is your own fragment creation that now has its own consciousness and is connected to the people/person who sicced troublesome pests on your client. I didn’t think this was possible in this particular way although I guess it is logical in a way.

    • herba15

      Well, I don’t believe in karma or the rule of three or the slingshot effect or any of that. I think if the world were just, no one would have to practice magic; we would just have to practice waiting until nasty people got their just desserts. True, many people who do bad things to others are so miserable themselves that cursing them is pointless. And I have certainly heard of people who thought they could boss around powerful spirits getting their asses kicked–or their houses burned down–by them. But none of that means that I think a practitioner shouldn’t go after someone if they think it’s appropriate. There are worse things than curses–like war, grinding poverty, oppression, etc. My two cents on that score.

      I didn’t do anything to the person who sicced the nasties on my customer. I made a protective talisman for her. I didn’t design it to send anything back to the person who was the source of the problem, only to protect her. That was sufficient, IMO.

  • petoskystone

    i would say ‘most sufficient’ given the quick visit you received. while i have no qualms cursing/hexing/knocking-over when the situation calls for it, in my 35 years of ‘awareness’ i have yet to come across a situation meriting same.

  • Bobby

    Could be a visit from a familiar spirit. Some are anthropomorphic, like the german shepherd creature from the latest dream. If you think of your “house” as a symbol of you, then the creature trying to barge into your home is really the familiar spirit trying to integrate itself with you. It acting sullen upon its retreat could very well be frustration it feels by your rejection. And of course, it would be scary or threatening; spiritual beings, no matter how benevolent, can and sometimes will, appear as menacing or uncomfortable. I see this as a way of testing our worthiness, like how in folk and fairy tales an ugly beggar or bent, old hag or even a strange creature is really a spirit or god/dess in disguise.

  • […] who generally speak to me. Several times I have fended off attack–by something invisible, by a half dog/half man critter, among others. Usually these visions are way more informative than threatening, but a couple have […]

  • Dan

    It seems reminiscent of the dog-headed spirits mentioned in the Chaldaean Oracles.

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