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For some years now I've run a business that focuses on the use of herbs in magic, and I've written up a great deal of information for my commercial site about the various seeds and herbs I sell. I've enjoyed doing that, but I wanted to have a place where I could really stretch out and write on topics of herbal magic that I could not cover there. Some of the subjects I'd like to delve into here are uses of herbs in witchcraft and ceremonial magic, such as flying ointments and dream balms; magical inks, dyes, liqueurs and cordials; the creation and use of suffumigations and offerings, particuarly those that are completely vegetal as opposed to animal; scented oils with magical purposes; potions and philtres for love and hellacious binding; the growing of food with magical intention, and more. I'll be covering a lot of these topics in my blog, but the rest of the site I hope will function as a sort of reference for information I have personally worked out in my relationship with plants. I don't believe in giving long, superficial lists of herb uses. I figure if you want that, there are tons of sites on the net that have cadged that info from copyrighted material. What I want to share with you here is information about working with specific plants that have a history of being incorporated into magical practices. The nightshade family--which includes such favorites as mandrake, belladonna, henbane, datura, and tobacco--is a particular favorite of mine and of practicioners of magic and paganism the world over. I expect to especially concentrate on this family, but I will also be writing about other historical favorites such as the artemisias (like wormwood and mugwort) and the yarrows, among others. I look forward not only to sharing my work with you but to getting feedback from you about your experiences with various plants as either magical tools or spiritual teachers.


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